Saturday, February 21, 2009


What were the guys behind Power Of The Force 2 line thinking when they deceided that all the figures should be like someone from a wrestling match? Here is the POTF2 on the right and on the left is Vader from ...

Starwars figure scaling

Why are the Starwars figures not scaled correctly? General Veers is a giant, Leia is as small as an Ewok and the Death Star Officer looks like a 12 year old kid...

Monday, February 2, 2009

The emperor arrives

The emperor arrives at Death Star II. (About 10.000 stormtroopers had the day off when he arrived).

Imperial Shuttle TARGET 2006 Saga Collection
TIE-fighter 2002 edition (why white?)
Emperor (1984 edition)
Royal Guards (1984 edition)
Stormtroopers (POTF2)
General Veers x 2
Imperial Gunners x 2
Imperial Commanders x 2
TIE-fighter pilots x 2
Death Star droid
Backgrounds: From Niubniub´s website